PREMIUM Amber Necklace, Baltic Amber Necklace, Unpolished Healing Amber, Fibromyalgia Relief Jewelry, Handmade, 11-13 mm Amber Beads 45.3gr


Shipping to United States: Free

Baltic Amber Necklace, Polished Amber Beaded Necklace
Not Pressed, Not Melted, Not Reconstituted
Only Raw Genuine Amber Stones, Polished By Hand!

Makes a beautiful, natural jewelry piece!

11 mm to 13.5 mm Amber beads

Honey Amber, Black Cherry Amber, Lemon Amber

Approximate weight: 45.3 grams
Amber necklace length: 22 inches ( 55 cm)

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The 11-12 inch necklace generally fits a child until 12 months.
The 13" is appropriate for 1-2 year olds or a larger baby.

Use tape measure or string & loop it carefully around your infant's neck to see what length fits most comfortably. The necklace should fit loose enough around the neck to insert
2-3 fingers but you shouldn't be able to get the necklace above the child's chin so the necklace can't be put in their mouth.


Ensure the fit is snug & not too loose as it will roll over
the ankle/hand & fall off.
If it's too tight it'll become uncomfortable.
You should be able to get the tip of your finger under the tape measure.

How Do I know what Size / Length to choose?

Please measure before ordering - it's fast & easy!!!
1. Simply, use a string, ribbon, floss - you get the picture -
anything that resembles a necklace chain.
2. Wrap the string around your neck and mark your desired length
(it helps to look in a mirror).
3. Finally, measure the string using a ruler or measuring tape.
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